VP Racing Fuels would like to introduce their new range of Hi-Performance & Professional grade racing oils. With that, VP would also like to announce their NEW Oil Program.

  • Receive 30% Off Any Oil purchase.
  • 1 x Mad Scientist Shirt FOC.
  • 1 x VP Decal Kit.

*Minimum of 1 x Carton Purchase.

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As a Part of VP's brand diversification strategy, the lubricant sector was a natural fit with its core market. To prove its commitment to the market, VP hired a 34-year lubricant industry veteran with extensive experience in developing and launching racing/high-performance lubricants as well as developing and launching an extensive lubricant product line geared to the passenger car, fleet, commercial and industrial market segments.

Like its race fuel, VP's goal was to develop a 'best in class' racing oil. To accomplish this goal, VP has partnered with a leading specialty chemical and additive company to provide cutting edge formulation built upon years of extensive testing and knowledge gained in developing additive packages for the racing industry. 

Full Synthetic Racing Oils Available Now

  • 5w-30
  • 10w-40
  • 15w- 50
  • Break In 10w-40

List of Oils, Available In 2017

  • 0w-20 (Full Synthetic)
  • 10w-30 (Synthetic Blend)
  • 10w-40 (Synthetic Blend)
  • 20w-50 (Synthetic Blend)
  • Gear Oil SAE 80w-90LS
  • Gear Oil SAE 75w-90LS