VP Racing Fuels Australia Statement - Regarding Phase Out of Leaded Racing Fuels.


As most racers are aware, a decision to phase out leaded racing fuel has been made by the Minister of Environment and Energy, Mr Josh Frydenberg. Mr Frydenberg has given all racing fuel suppliers and sanctioning bodies a two-year period, for all Leaded Racing Fuels including AVGAS to be phased out of all motorsport events.

In the year 2000, leaded fuels were banned from being used in all motor vehicles across Australia. Since that time, every Minister for the past 17 years has granted companies such as ours an exemption to sell leaded based fuels to all motorsport competitors. Unfortunately, unlike his predecessors, Mr. Frydenberg has concluded that motorsport no longer needs leaded racing fuels. Yet the Department of Environment has still given an exemption to all light aircraft, based on the determination that there is no suitable alternative for their application.

For the past two years, along with ANDRA and CAMS, we’ve tried to educate the Minister and his department. We’ve tried to prove that in some applications, there is no suitable, cost-effective unleaded or alcohol alternative. However, even though the facts have been presented, they’ve still chosen to phase out leaded racing fuel.

I thought I’d present our customers with the facts. A recent study partitioned by the Department of Environment, conducted by Marsden Jacob & Associates, found that ALL racing fuel, Unleaded, leaded & AVGAS, equated to 0.002% of total petroleum consumption within Australia. Yet, the Department believe we still pose a risk to the environment.

Further, the Department of Environment have not conducted a single test or case study at any ANDRA or CAMS sanctioned event to justify their claims.

Where to go from here? A lot can happen in the next two years. If there is a change in government, or minister, it’s still a possibility that the decision can be overturned. We will also be appealing the minister’s decision in the near future.

Being the leader in race fuel technology is a role we take quite seriously. We have unleaded alternatives that have been formulated over the years and they are ready to go! We will continue to work with the best engine builders across Australia and perfect these blends. Over the years, we’ve seen our competitors copy our blends to try bridge the power gap and so we feel as a company, it’s in our best interest not to release these unleaded fuels anytime soon. Unfortunately, they’re still be some applications that will struggle to find an alternative without a doing a complete rebuild to their engine.

We have a new range of cost-effective sportsman fuels that will specifically target the circuit racers on a budget, alongside a new FIA blend, to suit all CAMS rulings. We also have a new Race E85 and a 99+ fuel that will suit applications on 98 PULP.

Leaded fuels are the target at the moment, but It’s inevitable that in the near future the department will target Methanol, unleaded fuels and Nitromethane. I ask that you voice your concerns and write to Mr Frydenberg at https://onlineservices.environment.gov.au/contact-your-minister


Paul Agazzi

Managing Director

VP Racing Fuels Australia

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